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Although opossums are not typically aggressive, they can be rather unsanitary and mean when provoked, which often make them unwanted guests on your property. To keep opposums out of your yard, here are a few easy changes you can make that will keep the critters at bay.

  • Remove easily-accessible food sources from the yard. The predominant reason opossums are attracted to human living areas is to find convenient sources of food. Seal your trash cans tightly, remove any open containers of pet food, clean up edible debris, and keep your yard free of fallen fruit and other snacks.
  • Set up motion-activated lights and sprinklers. Opossums are often fearful of bright lights and sudden movements, so these additions to your yard will probably make them too skittish to hang out there for long. Plus, the lights and sprinklers are harmless, so you won’t have to feel bad about hurting the little creatures.
  • Spray scents in your yard that opossums hate. They have been known to avoid places that smell like ammonia, garlic, and mothballs, as well as dog hair. Spread the scents in the areas the opossums are most likely to frequent.
  • Make it difficult for the creatures to hide. Opossums are nervous creatures, which means they tend to seek out low decks, holes, stacks of wood, and other places where they can safely hide. Try to remove any hiding places so they’ll be less likely to feel comfortable in your yard.
  • Keep your tree branches pruned and trimmed. Because they are strong climbers, opossums sometimes sneak onto the roof and use it as a walkway to other parts of your yard. The further your trees and other plants are from the house, the less likely opossums will be to visit.

If you have made these changes but still frequently spot opossums in your yard, it might be time to call in a professional animal removal service like Trapping USA Animal Removal Services. Their expert staff members will humanely handle the problem without damaging your yard or hurting the animal. Located in Dallas and Houston, Trapping USA can help both commercial and residential properties deal with serious animal infestation problems. Call 469-481-6552 (Dallas) or 1-832-474-7755 (Houston) to speak to a representative and learn more.

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