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The only thing worse than having snakes invade your lawn is having snakes bite a child on your lawn. Unfortunately, the two often come hand-in-hand. You can remove the problem altogether by ridding your yard of snakes, though. Snakes tend to gravitate towards a lawn with high bushes and overgrown vegetation. They also enjoy dead leaves and standing water. Where possible, try to reduce these hiding spots.  If you have snakes, they’re there for a reason. Garter snakes – the most common snake – prefer particular conditions. Eliminate these conditions.

Garter Snakes

Garter snakes, otherwise known as Thamnophis sirtalis, is one of the most common snakes in the US and Canada. There is a myth circulating that these snakes are venomous. This isn’t true, though. While garter snakes are quick to bite, they are easy to calm down, too.

Typically, garter snakes feast on frogs, slugs, and earthworms. These pests tend to gravitate towards standing water and dead leaves. They will sometimes travel great distances for food and typically love wet conditions. If you regularly water your lawn, you may notice snakes appearing at random.

Stopping Snakes in Their Tracks

First off, consider removing the dead leaves, standing water, and high bushes from the property. Cut back any broad brush to reduce hiding spots, too. Next, consider a drift fence. You can install the fence around the entire property – typically 18-inches or higher. Snakes are deterred by the material and will usually not pass.

If this doesn’t help, consider calling for a professional. A pest removal service can help rid your lawn of any current snakes and offer advice to prevent more.

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