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01 Commercial Decontamination Services

Commercial Decontamination Services in Dallas & Houston, TX

Some infestations may become so toxic and overwhelming that the only solution is to repair and restore the area, as well as to perform exclusion.

Commercial Decontamination Services

Trapping USA offers comprehensive commercial decontamination services designed to eliminate the threat of animal contamination, as well as the damage the animals may wreak on your commercial structure.

We provide commercial decontamination services in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex and Houston area. We can reduce the chance of a future wildlife or rodent infestation in any type of property whether you own a large commercial business with severe wildlife damage, or you’re a small business owner with significant rodent problems.

Prevent Costly Damage from Animal Efforts to Invade Your Commercial Property

We’ve all seen a raccoon digging in a garbage can in the street or a small rodent running across the floor in an old house, but these small wildlife issues can become incredibly costly when those animals are found in a commercial building. When your property is sealed from further infestation, you may find that the animals attempt to return by destroying the very buildings in which your business is located.

From destroying walls, wiring, and pipes to wrecking expensive equipment and stored inventory, rodents and animals can cost your business dearly. Not only can we help you repair animal damage around your commercial property, but we can also assist in preventing damage in the future. With years of experience, we know how to keep wildlife from accessing your buildings and destroying your valuable property.


Let Us Help You Restore and Decontaminate Your Business

If you have a pest control or animal control company inspect your property each year, you can usually avoid an infestation that results in the need for a major removal operation.

However, even the most vigilant business owners can miss an infestation, particularly when the business covers many acres and encompasses several buildings or a particularly large office space.

If you find that you have a severe infestation that has resulted in damage to your property, we’ll begin a three-step process to repair the space. For example, you may have a rodent infestation in the attic that has resulted in severe damage to the insulation, as well as a buildup of urine and feces.

Here’s how we’ll proceed in decontaminating and restoring the space:

  • Step One: We’ll remove feces, urine, and nests, as well as damaged insulation and building materials.
  • Step Two: We’ll use state-of-the-art techniques to decontaminate the space, from the beams to the drywall and everywhere in between.
  • Step Three: We’ll replace the insulation in the attic with an R-value of r-38, which will bring it up to modern standards.

We’ve assisted businesses all over Texas with commercial decontamination that has resulted from severe infestations, and our experience allows us to assist in any level decontamination and in any size building. We’ll put our expertise to work whether a family of raccoons decided to make a home in the attic of your beauty salon, some rats decided to destroy the wiring in your walls, or several squirrels made their way into your manufacturing facility to destroy your business’s equipment.


Contact Trapping USA for Commercial Decontamination Services
No job is too small or too large for Trapping USA. We’ve spent years perfecting the process of commercial decontamination, and we love to see the results of our hard work. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a serious rodent or wildlife infestation and require assistance and repair of your commercial structure, contact us for more information on our restoration, exclusion, and decontamination services.

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