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01 Commercial Inspection

Commercial Inspection Services in Dallas & Houston, TX

Rodents, bees, and wildlife are essential parts of our ecosystem, but they aren’t often a welcome sight on commercial property, retail businesses, or other business properties.

Commercial Inspecting Rodent Problems

Rodents, bees, and wildlife are essential parts of our ecosystem, but they aren’t often a welcome sight on commercial property, retail businesses, or other business properties. Trapping USA offers efficient and experienced rodent control, bee relocation, and a host of other inspection and animal removal services.

Operating in Dallas, Houston, and the surrounding communities, the animal removal experts at Trapping USA will inspect your property, create a plan for rodent control or removal, and ensure we can gain safe access to your property to complete our work.

From squirrels in the attic to rodents in the duct work, we know where rodents will hide, and we’ll meet with you or a representative of your business to discuss the issues impacting the property, and the probable steps we will take to solve the problem.

Inspecting Your Commercial Property for Rodent Problems & Wildlife Invasions

During our inspection, our representative will search areas like your building’s attics and crawl spaces and anywhere that an animal could hide without detection. We’ll also search the overall interior of your building for evidence of rodents, the location of their nests or homes, and damage.

After completing our inspection of the interior of your building, we’ll conduct a similar search of the exterior of your business. Are the rodents making their way into your building through a hole at the base of the foundation? Are local wildlife entering the building through a space in the attic?

Finding the entry point the rodents use to enter your property is an essential step in preventing the return of the animals. Locating their home inside the building is also essential for ensuring the rodents aren’t allowed to breed and thrive inside your commercial space whether it’s a factory, a retail store, or an office building.

02 Commercial Rodent Inspection

Commercial Inspection

Basic Details of a Trapping USA Commercial Rodent Inspection

Our inspection team is experienced in locating all types of common rodents, and the inspection shouldn’t take any longer than about three hours. Some properties won’t take longer than about an hour and a half to complete an inspection. Not only will we safely locate rodent entry points and nests, but our inspection team will also look at potentially dangerous areas – such as the roof – in a safe and experienced manner.

While you might feel confident in knowing where the rodents are hiding, it’s important to allow a professional to conduct an inspection of dangerous areas like the roof or the rafters of a building. There’s no reason to put your own safety in jeopardy looking for rodents when our team can complete the process safely and efficiently in just a few hours.

What Happens When You Find Rodents in Your Business Space?

After confirming you have a rodent problem at your business, we’ll create a proposal for removing the rodents in a manner that will ensure the safety of your employees, as well as the welfare of the animals if they require relocation. You’ll receive photographic evidence of any rodent infestation we find, as well as a complete proposal with details of what we believe is necessary to completely remove the rodents and their ability to access your property.
You or a representative of your company will have access to a digital file of all information related to our inspection, as well as details on the progress of the removal and relocation plan.


Schedule Your Commercial Inspection Today with Trapping USA

Contact us today to set up an inspection of your commercial property and to get started on the removal of annoying pets, dangerous rodents, and wildlife that could prove to be dangerous to your employees and your business. We offer same day services in the event of an emergency, as well as inspection at a time you prefer.

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