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01 Commercial Rodent Control

Best Commercial Rodent Removal Service in Dallas & Houston, TX

Rodent infestations can occur on virtually any type of property whether you own a new office building or you manage a factory that boasts decades of use and years of history.

commercial rodent control

Common rodents you may see impact your business include squirrels, rats, and raccoons, but there are all sorts of small animals that Trapping USA can help you remove. Our experts provide efficient and tailored commercial rodent control to clients across the Houston area, as well as the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex.

Don’t Risk Injury to Your Employees or Shutdowns of Your Business

One of the costliest events that can harm your business is a shutdown that occurs due to a rodent infestation. Not only can your local city shut down your business because of a rodent infestation, but you may also decide to take that action based on the potential danger to your employees or the products you manufacture.

Our commercial rodent control services are designed to help you maintain a reputation as a smart and responsible business owner who takes the safety of his or her employees seriously. After we inspect your property for evidence of rodent infestation, we’ll provide you with a plan of action that can help you remain proactive in keeping your commercial property free of infestations.

Mouse and Rat Removal Services

The biology and behavior of rodents makes them extremely difficult to control. Sometimes you can’t control them, and have to look into rodent removal services. By locating their main entry point and nest, our experienced removal experts can easily solve your rodent problem.

At Trapping USA, we aim to provide the most comprehensive mouse and rat removal services possible. If you see just a single rodent in your home, you can count on finding more. They’re entering from somewhere – usually the attic or the basement. We’ll begin by blocking any entranceways. We’ll also stop up any chewed portions of walls, which may indicate passages. Once that’s done, we’ll remove inside attractors such as garbage, open food containers, and standing water. Let us handle your rodent problem!

Why is It Important to Remove Rodents Quickly?

Once you realize a rodent infestation is likely at your commercial property, it’s important to move quickly to eliminate the problem. When you work with Trapping USA, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • You’ll eliminate potential health risks of your employees and customers.
  • Potential fire hazards will be eliminated by the removal of rodents and pests.
  • You won’t risk shutdowns and fines from your city due to infestations.
  • Your operating costs won’t balloon due to contamination of products.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive when you work with us as your rodent removal specialist. Eliminating rodents can also help you keep your merchandise and equipment safe from damage. Small and seemingly tiny rodents like mice can chew through expensive wires and create holes in equipment that can prove extraordinarily costly when you must replace the equipment.

Damaged equipment can even prove dangerous for use by your employees, so removing the threat of rodents at your business is doubly important for the welfare of your employees, as well as your bottom line and the money you must invest in equipment and machinery.

Emergency Rodent Removal Service

Your average household provides plentiful food and shelter, which is attractive to rodents. Once inside, your ordinary rodent will create a nest, birth its own family, and steal food from any source it can find. Typically, this means your food. Furthermore, rodents spread disease, can cause structural damage, and are known for producing trouble.

The moment you spot a rodent, give us a call. At Trapping USA, we provide emergency rodent removal services to homeowners and commercial properties in dire need. If left unattended, rodents are likely to spread. They will chew on the walls, your wiring, and cause fear in visitors and family members. No matter the time, whether it’s a weekend or otherwise, give us a call. We’ll dispatch a specialist who has dealt with rodents on countless occasions. To reduce the possibility of future unwanted guests, it’s best to seal your home as efficiently as possible. We can help!

Comprehensive Approach to Rodent Removal

Rats, mice, and other rodents are common home nuisances. These creatures are typically unafraid of humans, and are comfortable living in close proximity to people. While they might seem cute, they can spread disease to people and to household pets. They can also cause extensive property damage, reduce your home’s value, and contaminate your food or water sources.

At Trapping USA, we take a comprehensive approach to rodent removal. We’ve been at this for years, and have perfected humane methods to take care of rodent infestations. Our work is based on a thorough understanding of rodent habitats and behaviors. If you want effective, efficient rodent removal, give us a call today!


02 Protect My Property

How Can Rodents Enter My Property? What Can I Do to Protect My Property?

Even if your commercial structure is strong and well-built, rodents are a resourceful pest that can enter your building in a variety of surprising ways.

From holes in the wall that are concealed by weeds and bushes to doors left open overnight, rodents have many ways to invade.

Some of the methods we can use to prevent rodents from returning after we remove them include covering vents in your building’s walls, eliminating gaps between various surfaces, and making sure there aren’t

any spaces between pipes and door frames around your commercial building.

Rodents like mice can fit through extraordinarily small holes and cracks, so it’s important to closely inspect the entire exterior of your building to make sure there aren’t any small areas where those rodents can invade.


Let Trapping USA Assist with Commercial Rodent Control
Do you suspect a rodent infestation at your commercial business? Are you dealing with a potential rodent problem at your manufacturing plant? Are you worried about rodents at your retail store? At Trapping USA, we’re experienced in handling all sizes and types of rodent problems, and we can help you solve your rodent problems efficiently, safely, and affordably. Contact us today to set up an inspection or for more information on our commercial rodent control services.

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