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Duck Removal & Trapping Services in Dallas & Houston

Duck Control 

Facts About Ducks:

  • Ducks are highly territorial and aggressive. Once they make a nest, they can attack residents and customers as they enter your property.
  • Ducks are intelligent creatures, making them difficult to trap and remove.
  • Ducks are protected under the Migratory Bird Act; therefore, they must be removed humanely and by professionals.
  • A duck population can become large quite quickly because ducks lay more eggs than many other fowl.
  • High duck populations can decrease the water quality and pose a public health hazard in small ponds.
  • Ducks carry numerous diseases, including duck plague, fowl cholera, paratyphoid and avian flu.

Things to keep in mind when dealing with a duck infestation

  • Ducks are aggressively territorial; unlike other birds, who will generally only show aggression to other birds or predators, leaving people largely alone, ducks show no hesitation in aggressively chasing and attacking any humans who approach the areas they have claimed.
  • Ducks are intelligent; they pose greater challenges than other types of birds, which is why we describe them separately. They are able to take advantage of their aquatic habitats and their higher intelligence to invalidate most trapping methods.
  • Ducks are protected by the Migratory Bird Act; they cannot generally be removed from an area without consulting trained experts. Attempting to do so may put you at risk of sever legal penalties, and may even be ineffective depending on the habits of the particular duck species in question.
  • Ducks carry disease; ducks are able to spread multiple pathogens on their own, as well as encouraging the growth of bacterial or viral colonies by spreading their excrement throughout a region.
  • Ducks are destructive; they will tear up lawns and gardens in search of food, and may tear materials used to build your home or business in search of nesting materials. They are also likely to use out-of-reach ledges on your property as nesting sites.
  • Duck feces are also destructive; apart from the diseases the can spread, duck feces are highly acidic in their chemical composition, they can easily and quickly damage any materials on which they fall. The compounds in duck feces have no problem eating through wood, vinyl, acrylic paint, etc., leaving stains and deformations even after being cleaned off.
  • Ducks contaminate bodies of water; as duck populations grow in size, they may reach a critical mass of causing more pollution than the water they occupy can manage. This can create a health hazard completely independent of the one posed by the diseases ducks carry on their bodies.
  • Ducks multiply rapidly; they lay more eggs than other types of birds, exacerbating all the factors listed above.
  • Ducks can be invasive; the Muscovy duck, in particular, is not native to the region in which the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex is located. With their strong territorialism, their ability to avoid predation, and their high reproductive rate, ducks can easily upset the balance of local ecosystems by using all the food resources that would otherwise be available to other animals in the area.
  • Ducks are determined; taking ducks out of on area is in no way guaranteed to keep them from coming back. Even removing all their nests and eggs will not be sufficient. You need to rely on the experts at Trapping USA in order to fully resolve a duck infestation.

Identifying a duck problem

  • Green- or white-hued feces on porches, railings, and other exposed structures outside
  • Quacking noises in the general vicinity, especially if they had not been present before
  • Be especially alert to ducks with red, knobby faces, as these are Muscovy ducks, which are generally silent and represent the greatest pest potential out of duck populations in DFW

Duck Trapping Services

Seeing ducks while living in urban areas is most often a source of pleasure. As a humane animal removal company, Trapping USA understands the joy that seeing forms of wildlife can bring. With that being said, many duck populations can grow to a size that creates issues.

While ducks are predominantly aquatic, they are becoming quite the nuisance in Texas. Muscovy ducks are the most common ones in Dallas and Fort Worth, especially in apartment complexes. They are known for their aggressive attitude, acidic and damaging feces, and their nests. The only way to remove ducks from your property (and keep them from coming back) is through effective duck removal services.

Trapping USA offers humane trapping and removal services for Muscovy ducks. We will not only remove them from the property, but we can ensure they don’t return in the future.

Ducks Removal in DFW and Houston

Texas has a long history of duck-hunting. While duck populations have long been a regular feature of rural areas, however, residents of urbanized areas are now encountering ducks at higher frequencies than ever before. Numerous species of duck have been undergoing a population explosion in recent years, and several of those species have grown in number so rapidly that they are now considered invasive in some regions.

The mallard is probably the species of duck most often see by residents of the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. This species is highly recognizable due to the adult male’s iridescent green head plumage, as well as the white-bordered black speculum feathers on the wings of both sexes. Mallards are often tolerated and even appreciated when living in urban areas, due to their appearance and their generally docile nature. Unlike most other types of waterfowl, mallards will very rarely display aggression towards nearby humans.

Also in contrast to most other types of waterfowl, the mallard has not only been able to adapt to human expansion, it has even been able to benefit from it. This has created issues in regions where mallards multiply. With their high reproductive rate, and the relative rarity of natural predators in urban landscapes, mallards will quickly push other local forms of wildlife out of the search for food; they will eat it all themselves, leaving nothing for anyone else. This can have drastic and irreparable effects on local ecosystems as the delicate balance built on the food chain gets thrown into disarray.

Professional Duck Removal Service

Professional duck control services can remove these aggressive and damaging birds without disrupting the integrity of the species. Whether they are in an apartment complex, becoming a nuisance in a public park, or nesting in your backyard, Trapping USA offers a humane, safe removal service for your property. Our service includes:

  • Safely trapping and removing ducks from the property.
  • Encouraging ducks to stay away and not return.
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing duck areas to remove any threat of disease or recurrence of nests.
  • A duck population can become large quite quickly because ducks lay more eggs than many other fowl.

Ducks have been known to attack humans that get too close to them, including children and pets. That is why you need a professional wildlife and animal removal service to eradicate your duck problem.

Ducks breed much more rapidly than most other forms of avian wildlife. Most ducks in the area lay clutches of eight to thirteen eggs. Domesticated Muscovy ducks have shown the ability lay three clutches per year. This exacerbates all the other problems a duck infestation can pose – from their aggression to their contamination, all of it gets dialed up in severity when combined with a high reproductive rate.

With all this being said, it may be tempting to simply go out and take care of the problem yourself. It is extremely important you NOT do this! Many species of duck are protected by numerous state and federal regulations. Among these is the Migratory Bird Act, which has been specifically tailored to protect populations of bird species that reside in multiple locations depending on the time of year; interfering with populations of migratory birds will not only damage the local ecosystem’s balance, but also that of faraway locales where these species spend the rest of the year.

Duck Removal Services

Need help with a duck in DFW or Houston? Call the bird removal experts at Trapping USA for safe and immediate duck trapping and removal from your property. Our team is ready to trap and remove Mallards, Waterfowl, Feral Mallards and other hybrid duck species from your home or business!


If you need help trapping or removing ducks from your home or business call Trapping USA at (469) 481-6552 in North Texas, (832) 474-7755 in Houston or contact us online!

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