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#1 Fox Removal Services in Dallas & Houston, TX

fox removal services in dallas & houston, tx

Facts About Fox:

  • Foxes don’t usually enter homes, but may do so for food or shelter.
  • Foxes feed from garbage cans, livestock and in gardens.
  • Mother foxes are extremely aggressive in protecting their young.
  • Foxes carry a variety of diseases and parasites that can be transferred to humans.
  • Foxes will attack if they feel threatened; therefore, you should never attempt to remove them on your own.

Things to keep in mind when dealing with a fox infestation

  • Foxes are dangerous; although they may look cute, foxes not only pose a threat to your pets, but carry multiple diseases that can infect both pets and humans.
  • Foxes are adaptable; red foxes in particular have been able to meet human expansion with nothing less than absolute adaptability. Gray foxes have not been able to overcome the obstacles provided by urban development as easily, but are still fully capable of adapting to human-inhabited areas on an individual level.
  • Foxes are agile; they can easily elude most predators, and will often find their way out of traps set by people not expertly trained fox behavior.
  • Foxes are intelligent; they will rapidly learn to overcome any obstacles in their search for food and shelter, including attempts to scare them away.
  • Foxes need to be handled by experts; not only will they react with aggression to perceived threats, including removal attempts, they also leave pheromones behind that need to be treated in order to prevent the arrival of more foxes in the future.

Identifying a fox problem

  • Holes dug under fence perimeters
  • Dog-like footprints, especially if elongated
  • Seeing a fox at all makes it extremely likely you have a problem in your area that has already become well-established, because foxes are generally not visible in their activities

Fox Removal for Residential and Commercial Properties

Foxes are highly adaptable, which is why it isn’t uncommon to find them in Texas. These dog-like creatures are smart and quick. Because they are so resourceful, they can easily adapt to a human environment, including suburban areas. Foxes have been found in homes, garages and even gardens. They are aggressive and dangerous; therefore, if you suspect you have a fox issue, you need fox control professionals to remove them from your premises.

Compared to other forms of wildlife in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, foxes may seem relatively rare. It is far more often for people living in urbanized or semi-urbanized areas to encounter animals such as opossums, raccoons, and squirrels. Nevertheless, foxes do occupy urban areas as well, and in fact, may even thrive in regions inhabited by humans.

There are two separate species that comprise the fox population in the region surrounding DFW – the red fox and the gray fox. Silver foxes and cross foxes may be present, as these are neither independent species nor sub-species, but rather represent melanistic variations of the red fox. The gray fox is not actually part of the Vulpes genus, which is made up of the “true foxes.” Instead, it and one other species native to the Channel Islands of California are the only members of the Urocyon genus, which is considered to be the most basal living genus of canids.

Between these two species, residents of the DFW area are far more likely to encounter the red fox. Although the gray fox used to be the most common type throughout the eastern USA, the red fox has responded better over time to the effects of human-driven deforestation, and as such has steadily displaced gray fox populations throughout most the country. Both species have a long and storied history of interaction with humans.

Trapping USA offers humane trapping and removal services for foxes. We are professional fox control and prevention specialists.

Fox Removal Services

Fox control should be left to the professionals. Because of their highly aggressive nature, they must be trapped and removed without causing harm to them or the property’s tenants. Trapping USA utilizes humane trapping techniques that remove foxes from your property including:

  • Pinpointing and sealing off points of entry to prevent foxes from entering the property in the future.
  • Repair to damaged areas left from foxes.
  • Sanitizing any areas foxes might have been living on to prevent the attraction of other foxes in the future and the spread of disease.

It is vital to not attempt to eliminate fox infestations yourself. Not only is the fox a beneficial animal to the local ecosystem, any attempts to frighten it off that result in anything less than absolute and unequivocal success on a permanent level will not only eventually fail, they will in fact strengthen the fox’s resolve. This creates an even bigger problem. A fox that has had its resolve strengthened will be much more difficult to trap and evict from an area than one which has not yet been faced with any obstacles. Call Trapping USA as your first response to a fox infestation, and our methods will work that much faster.

Fox infestations are a force that can not only destroy and devalue homes, but even actual lives due to the numerous disease vectors they represent. They can also be surprisingly difficult to fully remove from an area due to foxes’ ability to avoid threats and resilience. But every problem has a solution. In the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, that solution is Trapping USA. The high volume of fox infestations throughout the region has allowed us to build up a strong base of experience in eliminating them. We are able to remove foxes from areas in which they are unwanted using methods that are legal, humane, and completely effective.

The fox control specialists at Trapping USA can come to your home, assess the fox issue, and take the necessary steps to put you in control of your property once again.


If you have a fox on your property or near your home and need professional help call Trapping USA at (469) 481-6552 in North Texas, (832) 474-7755 in Houston or contact us online!

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