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Since day one, Trapping USA has provided professional McKinney animal control services for residential and commercial clients. Our expert team is highly trained and experienced in the safe, humane removal of various wildlife and animals. Whether you’re dealing with snakes, raccoons, or perhaps rodents in the walls, we have a solution that fits!

Rat Removal

Rat Removal

Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control

Decontamination Services

Decontamination Services

Animal Removal Service McKinney TX

Mckinney texas animal removal service

Local Wildlife Control Services

Whether you’re dealing with snakes or possums, Trapping USA provides McKinney animal control services designed to work fast. We have experience handling all manner of wildlife, and we do so in a humane way.

McKinney Dead Animal Pick-up

If you notice a dead animal in your yard or perhaps notice the scent coming from the attic, give us a call. We provide dead animal pick-up that is proven efficient and fast. Nobody wants an animal carcass on their lawn. Let us help!

McKinney Trapping Services

The first step to rid your home of a rodent or animal problem is to trap the wildlife in question. If a raccoon or squirrel is in the attic, you’ll hear the telltale pitter-patter of paws. Most people say I hear noise in my attic.  At Trapping USA, we use humane trapping methods to help capture and release these pests for good!

Rodent Removal McKinney

At one time or another, we have all dealt with rodents in the walls or closets. They’re pests. Rodents tend to gravitate toward food sources, so anything not packed properly or in cans is subject to their teeth and claws. We’ll help remove every rodent possible and prevent more from appearing.

Rat Removal Service – Opossum Removal Service – Squirrel Removal Service – Raccoon Removal Service



It is not uncommon for a rodent-like rats or mice to make a nest within your home. They can enter through the smallest openings. From there, they begin to spread, nest, and feed on your food supply. Feeding is especially dangerous, as it contaminates your food supply. Illness can quickly spread from rodents to people.

At Trapping USA, we offer proven animal removal in McKinney, TX. Our methods guarantee prompt removal. If you hear a scratching noise, do not hesitate to call.

McKinney Squirrel Removal

Squirrels, while cute, can be quite the nuisances throughout McKinney. Like other rodents, they typically need to chew and gnaw on various materials. They can find those materials within your home. Wiring, drywall, and wood are often targets for squirrels. You will need a McKinney Squirrel Removal Service. Call Us Today.

We’re aware of these factors. In response, we’ve developed accurate removal methods to rid your home of squirrels. The process allows us to remove each squirrel from your home without any harm befalling them, all while ensuring the infestation does not return.

McKinney Raccoon Removal

raccoon removal in McKinney Texas

At Trapping USA, we provide live removal services for residential and commercial clients. Raccoons typically carry parasites in their feces, which commonly cause blindness and death in humans. They are a danger to your home and your family. Using our proven removal methods, we’ll safely and humanely remove your raccoon problem. Once we’re done, we provide thorough cleaning and sanitization services. These further secure the health and well-being of your family and the environment.


McKinney Rat Removal / Mice Removal

residential rodent control

At Trapping USA, we provide McKinney  rat removal services for residential and commercial clients. Rats typically carry parasites in their feces, which commonly cause blindness and death in humans. They are a danger to your home and your family. Using our proven rat removal methods, we’ll safely and humanely remove your rat problem. Once we’re done, we provide thorough cleaning and sanitization and decontamination services. These further secure the health and well-being of your family and the environment. Rats are members of the Rattus, the most common is the black rat and brown rat aslo called rattus rattus (black) and rattus norvegicus (brown). Rats are usually noticeable from mice by their much larger size. Mice are much smaller in size but typically view as the same pest problem. Rats and mice can be found in the city streets, under your home or business and the most common place is in the attic of your home/business. If you hear noise in your attic rats/mice are most likely the problem. The early morning or late night hours is when they are most active. Call Trapping USA today for Guaranteed trapping and removal service. Dial 469-481-6552


McKinney Opossum Removal

Opossums are a very dirty animal that is often infested with fleas and frequently take up residence in the yard, home, or business building of Mckinney, Texas residents. Opossums in your attic or crawl space can cause significant damage to your home or business and leave you stuck with bill after bill for excessive, yet ineffective, flea bombings.

Mckinney Snake Removal

Some people like snakes. Others want to remain ten-feet away at all times. No matter your stance on the critter, no one wants one in their home. A single snake bite, even from a non-venomous snake, can be dangerous and painful. Children, especially, are at risk.
The residents of Plano need to be prepared for snakes. In nearby Dallas, there are 75 species of snakes alone. At Trapping USA, we’ve dealt with a vast majority of these. Our wildlife control in Plano, TX, will give you the peace of mind you need. Just give us a call, and we’ll safely remove your snake problem!


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To schedule McKinney animal control services, contact Trapping USA by calling 469-481-6552. We’ll solve your wildlife troubles with ease!


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